2019 Roller Dance Class: Reaching the Stars

Try-outs into the “Reaching the Stars” Roller Dance Project by Roller Dance Owl Productions.

They are just regular kids, who play and do their homework. At night, however, they transform into a pack of baby owls and fly around together, gliding on roller skates like only they can do. They perform on prestigious stages in Vancouver and the United States, are featured in videos, commercials and basically act like Fashion Roller Models; they take part in joint shows with the wheelchair and other societies in our community. That’s how regular kids become so special when it comes to roller skating together, and soon more people around us are going to find out about them. To achieve all this, they try really hard, because they dream about reaching the stars. Join us, and let’s make it happen together.

* All levels are welcome to try out; however, only the most determined applicants will join the team. Only 15 spots are available with the commitment for the entire year. The classes run on Tuesdays from Jan 8, 2019: 5:30pm-7:30pm. Cost: $95 (tax included). Rental skates are available (additional $15 per month). Join the class anytime! [Download waiver]

8280 Gilbert Rd., Richmond BC

Contacts for registration: rollerdanceowl@gmail.com, (1) 778.989.8844.