Come and learn to skate safe, try artistic style, slalom (tricks around cones), rhythm and jam skating. During roller skate dance, students develop balance, coordination, sense of rhythm, listening to tune abilities, as well as confidence, discipline, teamwork, physical fitness and have fun. Roller dance class bonus: Roller skating is a fun way to stay in shape. Our roller dance class combines cardio exercise with socializing for people who love roller skating in groups. ALL AGES and LEVELS are welcome.
8280 Gilbert Rd., Richmond BC, Richmond Community Church, Salvation Army.
E-mail: <> Cell phone: 778-989-8844.
Our second location: Hamilton Community Centre.

Roller Dance Owl Skate School Schedule 2018:
(From January 2018 we skate Tuesdays only at our place on 8280 Gilbert rd Richmond BC, Mondays – at Hamilton Community Centre.

*Adults class: Tuesdays, 8:15pm – 8:45pm.
* No classes on statutory holidays. *Rental skates $3 for 1 class or $10 per 1 month. For siblings/ family members: $8 for one month. *For siblings/ family members 25% off monthly price. 

5 pm – 5:40 pm – Private/ Family class. Cost: $45.00 per class (tax included).

5:40 pm- 6:15 pm – Beginners/ Intermediate class. Cost: $39 per month (tax included).
Beginners: Learning roller/ inline skating fundamentals: body balance, skate movements and stops. New students are always welcome & you can start anytime!

Intermediate class (Bronze Owls): Learning basic fundamentals plus backwards skating, basic slalom and basic rhythmic dance.

6:15 pm – 7:30 pm Advanced (Silver Owls) group (Show Ballet Roller Dance Owl) class.
Cost: $69.90 per month (tax included). For taking 2 classes (skate class + rollercise class) cost $85.83 per month.
This class is designed for students wanting to learn rhythmic dance and skating routines (includes different types of dancing: artistic skating, roller dance, roller skate dancing, jam). This class prepares students to have a safe and positive skating experience. The students enrolled in this class also participate in stage performances. 

7:30 pm – 8:15 pm – Rollercise class (mostly classes without skates).
Cost: $41.90 per month (tax included). For taking 2 classes (skate class + rollercise class) cost $85.83 per month.
All ages and levels are welcome. *Highly recommended for advanced skaters, in particular Silver Owls dance group (Show Ballet Roller Dance Owl).
Physical training that includes learning jumps, stretching, gymnastic, dance, upper body movements, – everything that helps to improve students skating skills.

Occasionally we will invite instructors specializing in ballet, artistic dance, slalom and other styles. (Additional $4 for each student).
Ballet workshop: 

8:15 pm – 8:45 pm – Adults class.
Cost: $41.90 per month (tax included)
Drop-in: $13 (tax included), for siblings/ family members $11 for each.

* Rental skates:
$3 for 1 class or $10 for one month.
For family members: $8 for one month.

* No classes:
Summer break: August 20 – 27, Winter break: December 25 – January 1st.

Roller Dance Owl Skate School Policies.
The following Studio Policies are in place to keep our school running efficiently throughout the year. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.
* Helmets and protective gear are mandatory for all students.
* Uniform T-shirts are mandatory for intermediate and advanced skaters.
* Inline skaters must take off the brakes.
* Drop Off/ Pick Up system.
* Roller Dance Owl students privilege: We acknowledge Birthdays celebrations upon notice. Snacks are welcome.

* Save your spot! We accept a post-dated cheques made out to Lunart Consulting.
* No annual registration fee.
* If you miss a class, there is NO REFUND, but 1 make-up session will be offered to you (regardless of how many classes you missed – just 1 session).
* For siblings/ family members 25% of monthly price.

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