2016: Our Debut at Russian Theatre Palme, Vancouver BC

We did it! We had our first ever performance of the one and the only roller skating dancing school in British Columbia Roller Dance Owl!
Taking inspiration from the roller dance groups in the US and skate events organized by skate Instructors from the Trish Alexander Skate Instructors Association www.skateia.org that I am a proud member of, in spring 2016, I came up with an idea of organizing something similar in Vancouver, Canada, so I started roller skating classes. My warmest regards to the parents of my students who trusted in me. My special thanks to Tetyana Stafeeva and Russian Theatre Palme or Palme’s Performing Society for the invitation and the opportunity for my students to take part in your wonderful events. My little stars have many days of rewarding practice, exciting performances and impressive achievements ahead. One day you will see them on TV! Whatever our generation was not able to accomplish – they will! Our kids will make Canada roller skate again! Roller skating means strong spirit, beautiful body, confidence, sense of flying, proficiency in skating around cones (slalom) and dancing. It is fun on wheels outdoor and indoor. Join us, let’s roll!
Roller Dance Owl Skate School teaches safe inline/ roller skating and offers private & family classes, group classes in slalom (skating around cones), as well as different dance styles in inline/ roller skates. *For skaters with passion, we offer an opportunity to participate in various tournaments and entertainment events.
Music credit: Richard Clauderman – Capriccio Romantico (Paganini)