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Our sponsor Shop Task Inline Skates Shop, Vancouver BC

We are so excited to get such amazing gifts from our sponsor Shop Task Inline Skates Shop, 1739 Main St, Vancouver, BC, www.shop-task.com! (Shop-Task on Facebook)

We got cute pink slalom cones that we will use for our video shooting and for slalom classes. We also got a new pair of Inline Seba Skates. Now every student in our school can try it for free! This amazing model “Seba GTJ Junior” has boots adjustable without any tools. These skates, sizes 33-36, are perfect for kids 10-12 years old, especially for holding the distance. They’re great for slalom and dancing as well.
Special thanks to Shop Task manager Leon Basin for support. Thanks to the whole team of Shop Task Vancouver for cooperation. Now every RDO student can receive 10% discount for their first purchase at Shop Task & will get a great service thereSho. (Please ask at Roller Dance Owl for special coupons. This deal is exclusive for RDO students only.)