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Roller Dance Owl students will represent GAP clothes in our second video project

We are getting ready for our second video project. Today it was fitting day at the GAP Richmond Centre for Naomi and Eden. I am so happy for my students! It’s a honor for our Roller Dance Owl students to represent GAP clothes in our second video project! Thanks to GAP at Richmond Centre (6551 No 3 Rd., Richmond BC) for their cooperation and sponsorship. Thanks goes to the awesome GAP staff with special thanks to Amyna.  


Roller Dance and Rollercise classes: Roller Dance Owl Skate School, Vancouver BC, Canada

Tuesdays, 7:15-8pm. Rollercise class (mostly no skates class).
All ages and levels are welcome. *Highly recommended for advanced skaters, in particular Silver Owls dance group (Show Ballet Roller Dance Owl).
Physical training that includes learning jumps, stretching, gymnastic, dance, upper body movements, – everything that helps to improve students skating skills.
Occasionally we will invite instructors specializing in ballet, artistic dance, slalom and other styles. (Additional $4 for each student).
Cost: $41.90 per month (tax included)

Roller dancing. Roller Dance Owl Skate School, Richmond BC, Vancouver BC.

Music credit: Go by V. Bozeman, DJ. Aaaries.

Introducing the first roller skate dance school in Vancouver BC: Roller Dance Owl

October 2016. Last week Aliona Slabenko – SFU New media journalism program student visited us. Aliona thanks for your interest in our school and a lovely video about us 🙂