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Roller Dance and Rollercise classes: Roller Dance Owl Skate School, Vancouver BC, Canada

Tuesdays, 7:15-8pm. Rollercise class (mostly no skates class).
All ages and levels are welcome. *Highly recommended for advanced skaters, in particular Silver Owls dance group (Show Ballet Roller Dance Owl).
Physical training that includes learning jumps, stretching, gymnastic, dance, upper body movements, – everything that helps to improve students skating skills.
Occasionally we will invite instructors specializing in ballet, artistic dance, slalom and other styles. (Additional $4 for each student).
Cost: $41.90 per month (tax included)

Roller dancing. Roller Dance Owl Skate School, Richmond BC, Vancouver BC.

Music credit: Go by V. Bozeman, DJ. Aaaries.