Lana Shahar Kulik – RDO Founder and Skate Instructor

Lana Ayelet Shahar-Kulik (Lana Lagoonca), a founder of the Roller Dance Owl Skate School, has started skating at the age of six in Riga, Latvia. The big puddle under the windows of the house where she lived would freeze in winter, and her father taught her how to skate. She really liked it, and later she got roller skates for skating in seasons without snow as well. The roller skates were secured with straps on the shoes. Later, when Lana and her family lived in Israel, she used to be an inline skater and became seriously attracted to skating with a partner. Dancing on roller skates became an important part of Lana’s life after she moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2008. Here, Lana returned to her favorite roller skating style: quads. Later she studied various skating methods and styles participating in master classes taught by famous American instructors in Seattle and other Washington, US cities.

In November 2015, Lana finished as a runner-up in Women Slalom Battle, took 3rd place in Quad Slalom Battle and 5th in Classic Slalom Battle at the US National Slalom Skating Championship 2015 in Lynnwood, WA. In 2015 Lana became a Certified Instructor in Inline and Quads Roller Skating, and Rhythmic & Jam Dance Skate Instructor. Lana is also a member of the Skagit Skate Center Artistic Club, Skagit, Washington. Lana’s professionalism is acknowledged by a Diploma in freestyle category of Achievement Test # 1 administered by National Office of the RSA Roller Skating Association.

The dream about having similar to the US roller skating dance groups in Vancouver materialized into Roller Dance Owl Skate School that Lana opened in May 2016. Being a person devoted to the sport that she loves, Lana auditioned and participated as a roller skater in TV shows, as well as various international events and is grateful for any opportunity to spread her love to roller skating. Lana also conducts workshops and helps anyone who wants to learn how to skate safely and in style.

Since Lana is a graphic/web designer (, an illustrator, an author of few books and a contributor of numerous newspaper articles (, she is known to many under her pen name Lagoonca. Lana specializes in social media advertising as well.
However, her first profession was an elementary school teacher, and in Latvia she worked as a school teacher. After moving with her family to Israel, she graduated from College of Arts and worked as a graphic designer and art director. This is why Lana does graphic and art design for Roller Dance Owl advertising and promotion: T-shirts, all printed materials, website, advertising, and much more.

The roller skating program that Lana developed is unique and encompasses various types of skating on roller/inline skates, including stretching, dancing on roller/ inline skates, slalom (tricks around cones). In order to teach her students many useful skills and prepare them for performing on stage and participating in commercials, Lana organizes workshops with ballet instructors, artistic skating coaches, model training instructors and more for her students.

Roller Dance Owl is a project that allows Lana to utilize her skills and pursue her long-time dream of having a roller skating rink in Richmond BC. She hopes to get City of Richmond support so that one day British Columbian kids, following the American kids’ example, will be able to roller skate in any weather, practice to sharpen their skills, celebrate birthdays and simply roller skate with their families on special or casual occasions. Since there are no roller skating rinks or skate schools in British Columbia, Lana is a pioneer in this filed, and together with her students is extremely grateful to anyone who supports them.

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