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Stage Performances, Fashion Shows on roller/ inline skates, Film/ TV/ Music Videos, Mobile Workshops, Choreography services in Canada and United States.

! We provide FREE Professional Dance Workshops & Choreography services for WHEELCHAIR Communities in Canada and US! One of our projects for Miss Wheelchair Canada 2018: click here


“The Roller Skating Fun” Summer 2018 Project has been created from our love and passion for roller skating. We skate in different styles, we dance and we play various games on roller/ inline skates. We skate alone, with partners, and in groups. We skate slalom – skating around cones and doing other tricks. Roller skating keeps us creative, healthy and happy. Roller skating is like a rainbow in the sky – colorful and magical. Just try it!” (Lana and the Skate Crew)  

ROLLING SURPRISE LOL! All Levels Roller Dance

  1. 🤩ROLLING SURPRISE LOL! Indoor Roller Dance Class “Reaching the Stars” – All levels – During Summer Only – No Commitment! Only a few spots are available. Tuesdays, 5:30pm – 6:10pm, $45 per month. Rental skates $15 per month. Register now: 778-989 8844, rollerdanceowl@gmail.com, www.rollerdanceowl.com – Roller Dance Owl Team of BC | Roller Shows & Performances.
    Location: 8280 Gilbert rd, Richmond BC

Roller Dance Owl at Anna’s Yam Debut Fashion Show – Heart Attack Skate Collection

It was a big pleasure for us to be a part of Anna’s Yam Debut Fashion Show on March 2nd at Peretz Centre, Vancouver BC. We were representing her Roller skate collection “Heart Attack”. Thanks to my dear friend, producer Tetyana Stafeeva for the opportunity collaborate with our local Russian Community. Thanks to the audience for the Love. Thanks to my Roller Owls for great job. Thanks to Geeta Chhabra at Geetas Beauty Salon for taking care of my hair and make up.
Video: Ty Marshall, Photo credit: Alisa Rasputna at AR Photography. E: alisa.rasputna.photography. 


More photos coming soon!

Open classes December 11, 2018: Roller Dance Tests

Thanks everyone for being a part of Roller Dance Owl for two years! Now it’s time to step up a level! Roller Dance Owl Skate School has transformed into an elite roller dance studio (only 15 spots available) ->> Roller Dance Owl Productions. More info: click here >>>

Performance group after the test:

Our Roller Dance Owl Family 2018: RDO students from Gilbert rd. class, from Hamilton Community Centre, our private students, adults students. Thanks everyone for coming!

Beginners students practicing roller dance on beat – last class of the year..!

Everyone welcome to our Open class on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018

Dear 🦉💜 Roller Dance Owl students! On Dec. 11 from 6:45 pm until 7:15 pm we will have an Open class with Solo tests and Group performance of the Advanced students (Silver Owls). (We start and close doors at 7 pm). At the end of the event I will make an important announcements regarding Roller Dance Owl operation in 2019. Everyone welcome join us! Bring your family and friends! 😀*** Tuesday Dec 11 is our last day of the operation in 2018. We will have regular skate classes for all levels on this day. We will have a winter break from Dec. 12th. See you all on Tuesday! 

8280 Gilbert rd , Richmond BC ,  rollerdanceowl @gmail.com , 778.989.8844

With love, Lana 🦉


News 2019: After 2 years of operation as the Roller Dance Owl Skate School, and after teaching hundreds of students, it’s time to step up alevel! My business plan materialized in 2 years instead of 3! After roller dancing on the best stages around Greatest Vancouver and participating in fashion shows and commercials, after organizing a gala show and roller dancing with wheelchair community at the Miss Wheelchair Canada 2018, after performing acrobatic roller dancing in pairs and a bunch of other projects, and after gaining an unparalleled experience as a professional, I would like to continue in the following direction. 

As a person who wants to elope and grow, I am going to focus not on the enrollment numbers, but on the quality of teaching. I am going to focus on professional (stage) shows & shootings. I created a delightful program for the next step. My students want to touch the stars. We CAN make it happen through working only with the best and the most determined students. More dancing, more acting! If you are looking for something more special for your kid – this is an opportunity for you! 

Therefore, Roller Dance Owl has transformed into an elite roller dance studio -> Roller Dance Owl Productions, focusing on professional stage performances and shows. Only 15 spots are available with the commitment for the entire year. Few spots are open for beginners and intermediate students.The classes run on Tuesdays from Jan 8, 2019: 5:30pm-7:30pm. Cost: $95 (tax included). More details about the class: http://rollerdanceowl.com/skateclasses/roller-dance-class-2019-reaching-the-stars/

After 7:30 pm:


More details about RDO additional services: http://rollerdanceowl.com/skateclasses/additional-services/

With Love from Vancouver/ Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

8280 Gilbert Rd., Richmond BC
(1) 778.989.8844 

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Roller Dance Owl supports Simon Fraser University Students

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to support students of Simon Fraser University. I am very glad to collaborate with Human Resources Students Association of SFU. Roller Dance Owl is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Stream event Fall 2018 at Simon Fraser University. On the photo: Meredith Nguyen, one of SFU_HRSA coordinators, and I.

with love, 
Lana Shahar